Tag: Crisis

The political economy of crisis-affected settings: what does it mean for investments in health systems?

This brief reviews key elements in the response to crises from a political economy perspective, evidence on the opportunities and challenges presented by crises, and lessons in how to best utilise those opportunities to promote investment in health systems.

How do different types of provider affect access to effective and affordable healthcare during and after crises?

This brief summarises the key characteristics of the different types of providers and the health services they offer, and discusses their involvement in health crises and possible interventions that can increase access to effective and affordable healthcare during and after crises.

How to move towards universal health coverage in crisis-affected settings: lessons from research

This policy brief reviews the meaning of universal health coverage (UHC) and summarises lessons for achieving UHC in crisis-affected settings.

Health systems during and after crisis: evidence for better policy and practice

This series of ReBUILD briefing papers addresses some key questions related to health systems strengthening in settings affected by conflict or crisis.

Improving deployment of human resources for health in Zimbabwe in the context of crisis

This brief outlines key findings and recommendations from ReBUILD’s study of health worker deployment in Zimbabwe

Responding to humanitarian crises in ways that strengthen longer-term health systems: What do we know?

ReBUILD briefing paper summarising knowledge on responding to humanitarian crises in ways that strengthen longer-term health systems

How do health workers experience and cope with shocks? Learning from four fragile and conflict-affected health systems in Uganda, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe and Cambodia

Paper draws together lessons from ReBUILD’s research on health worker incentives in northern Uganda, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe and Cambodia.

Resources from ReBUILD’s work on health financing in conflict-affected and post-conflict settings

Health financing in conflict-affected and post-conflict settings: Resources from ReBUILD’s work

Leaving no one behind: lessons on rebuilding health systems in conflict and crisis-affected states

This paper draws on ReBUILD’s research to understand key issues inhibiting health systems strengthening in fragile settings

How to promote a resilient health workforce in conflict affected settings – insights from four countries

Combined presentations from a ReBUILD panel session at the 4th Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in Vancouver, Canada, on 18th November 2016

Research on health worker policies, incentives and retention in post-conflict countries: an overview of ReBUILD work

Presentations from ‘Evolution of policy and incentives for human resources for health post-conflict: learning from different contexts’ 2015