ReBUILD and health financing

ReBUILD’s health financing research had several strands:

Post-conflict access and equity for the poor

This strand explored how people pay for health care over their lifetimes, the effects of external events and health sector policies on the level and nature of payments, and the effects those payments have on household economies. This work focused on Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Zimbabwe.



Rebuilding the foundations for universal health coverage with equity in Zimbabwe

This built on the work of ReBUILD’s affiliate partner Training and Research Support Centre, working with the Ministry of Health and Childcare to strengthen stakeholder mechanisms to analyse and review Zimbabwe’s performance on equity in health, and to guide processes towards equity in universal health coverage within a comprehensive policy framework.



Contracting models in Cambodia

Identifying how contracting arrangements changed, the drivers of that change, the actors involved, the processes for realisation of the change, and the implications for service coverage and equity in Cambodia.



Performance-based financing (PBF) in fragile and conflict-affected settings

This studied contextual factors and how they influence the adoption, adaption, implementation and integration of PBF, and how such programmes can be improved. The work took place in Uganda, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe, all of which have PBF programmes, and later explored northern Nigeria, Central African Republic and South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo in order to understand how PBF has been adapted and implemented in humanitarian settings. More on ReBUILD’s PBF resources here.



Demographic and distributional impacts of conflicts and implications for health systems

This strand built on the phase one research on health financing and explored the implications of conflict-related demographic change for health financing and social protection policies in Cambodia, Sierra Leone and Uganda. 

Research products

ReBUILD’s health financing resources are available here. Key pieces relating to health financing include:

Literature review


Health financing policies and household effects


Performance-based financing


Contracting in Cambodia


Financing for universal health coverage in Zimbabwe


Health financing and gender

There’s more on the backgrounds to and outputs from each of ReBUILD’s research themes here:

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