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Les systèmes de santé après un conflit – éléments probants en faveur de meilleures politiques et pratiques

Ces documents de synthèse décrivent les thèmes principaux issus des recherches de ReBUILD, ainsi qu’un aperçu du programme et de son large éventail de projets de recherche jusqu’en 2016.

Videos – performance-based financing presentations from HSR 2018

Three presentations on performance-based financing filmed during the 2018 Fifth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research

Application of social network analysis in the assessment of organization infrastructure for service delivery: a three district case study from post-conflict northern Uganda

This 2017 paper reports on ReBUILD’s research on aid effectiveness in northern Uganda in the post-conflict reconstruction phase

Health systems research in fragile and conflict affected states: a qualitative study of associated challenges

This 2017 ReBUILD paper seeks an understanding of the challenges of conducting health systems research in fragile and conflict-affected settings

Evolution of policies on human resources for health: opportunities and constraints in four post-conflict and post-crisis settings

This article draws on ReBUILD’s research on human resources for health across four post-conflict settings, shedding light on the patterns and drivers of post-conflict policy-making. It explores whether the post-conflict period offers increased chances for the opening of ‘windows for opportunity’ for change and reform and the potential to reset health systems.

Health systems after conflict – evidence for better policy and practice

These briefs outline the main themes which have come from ReBUILD’s research, as well as an overview of the programme, its research projects, and how the themes developed from these.

Rebuilding adolescent girls’ lives: mental health and psychosocial support in conflict-affected Gaza, Liberia and Sri Lanka

A 2015 synthesis report from the ReBUILD study on psychosocial support and service provision for adolescent girls in post-conflict settings

Can donors really build institutions? Reflections on recent health sector experiences in Sierra Leone

Presentation made by Dr Sophie Witter at World Bank Fragility Forum panel session on “Can donors really build institutions?”. The presentation was based on experiences and research findings from ReBUILD and others from Sierra Leone’s health sector. The 2016 World Bank Fragility Forum was held in Washington on 1st-3rd March 2016. You can access and… Read more

Managing the Ebola epidemic in Uganda 2000-2001

A 2014 ReBUILD brief on managing the Ebola epidemic in Uganda 2000-2001 and the importance of a holistic focus on health systems