Emergency Obstetric Referral in Cambodia: A Teaching Case study

A Case Study for District Referral Systems: Critical Emergency Referral in Cambodia

This teaching case study is one of the outputs from the ReBUILD Responsive Fund project Obstetric Referral in the Cambodia Health System – What works?

The objective of this Teaching Case Study is to provide teachers with a recent case study of critical emergency referral in rural Cambodia, to glimpse the current state of health system in that country, show the active role taken by family and communities in referral, and challenge participants to identify positive resources in what may appear to be a negative situation.

The case study presents an edited interview with a mother who accompanied her pregnant daughter through three referrals within the Cambodian health system in pursuit of a safe and live birth for both mother and baby

Students can read the transcript and examine it for instances of best practice and gaps within Cambodian obstetric referral.

You can download the full Teaching Case Study here.

This resource was produced by the ReBUILD programme – the precursor of ReBUILD for Resilience.