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Les systèmes de santé après un conflit – éléments probants en faveur de meilleures politiques et pratiques

Ces documents de synthèse décrivent les thèmes principaux issus des recherches de ReBUILD, ainsi qu’un aperçu du programme et de son large éventail de projets de recherche jusqu’en 2016.

A summary of ReBUILD’s research themes, projects and related outputs

A summary document giving an overview of the projects and research themes which have made up ReBUILD’s work.

Psychosocial support for adolescent girls in post-conflict settings: beyond a health systems approach

ReBUILD research paper focusing on the importance of psychosocial support services for adolescent girls in fragile contexts

Health financing in fragile and conflict affected settings

Presentation given by Sophie Witter at a satellite session on “Health financing in fragile & conflict affected settings – controversies and innovations” at the 5th Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in Liverpool, on 8th October 2018.

Summary of ReBUILD’s research themes, projects and outputs 2018

This summary of ReBUILD’s research projects from both the original phase and the short extension phase of the programme. It includes links to further information on the projects and their outputs.

Synthesis report research tools – Rebuilding adolescent girls lives: mental health and psychosocial support in conflict-affected Gaza Liberia and Sri Lanka

This output details the data collection instruments relating to the ReBUILD synthesis report with the same title

Rebuilding adolescent girls’ lives: mental health and psychosocial support in conflict-affected Gaza, Liberia and Sri Lanka

A 2015 synthesis report from the ReBUILD study on psychosocial support and service provision for adolescent girls in post-conflict settings

Resources from ReBUILD’s work on health worker incentives and deployment in post-conflict and post-crisis settings

This document includes details of all outputs from ReBUILD’s work on human resources for health in post-conflict and post-crisis settings.

Key health and conflict related indicators in Liberia and Sri Lanka: background report

ReBUILD report from 2015 on the broader impact of conflicts on health & health service provision for adolescent girls in Liberia & Sri Lanka.

Adolescent psychosocial wellbeing in the post conflict context of Sri Lanka – Summary country report: stage 1

Phase 1 report of a 2015 ReBUILD study of post conflict mental & psychosocial health problems experienced by adolescent girls in Sri Lanka.

Mental health and psychosocial support service provision for adolescent girls in post-conflict settings, a culturally sensitive response

Report of 2nd stage of a 2015 ReBUILD study of mental & psychosocial problems & health sevices for adolescent girls in post conflict Sri Lanka.

Failing Adolescents: Social Control, Political Economy & Human Development in post-war Sri Lanka

In post-war societies adolescents occupy liminal spaces and present a particular challenge for post-war communities as well as service providers. This paper draws on a study from two war-affected villages in Sri Lanka, examining the multi-faceted challenges that adolescents face in communities attempting to retain and redefine boundaries, identities, and social and moral regulation in a post-war context.